About the Program

Industrial Learning Program is an initiative of Student Alumni Relations Cell to provide students with opportunities to use their academic expertise in solving real life problems offered by distinguished IIT-B Alumni. There are myriad stipendiary projects and problem statements floated as winter internships for students.
Here is the rule book which includes the procedure for signing up for the program and the rewards/penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for the program?

There is a rule book attached above which clearly states all the steps to apply for the program. The rewards/penalties are also clearly mentioned in it. Please go through the rule book very carefully.

What is the selection procedure?

Selection process will be totally dependent on the alumnus. We will send the resume to the alumnus and he can screen you on the basis of your resume or if required, he can call you up for a telephonic interview. In that case, you will be told before hand.

Where would be the internship posting at?

For work-place projects, the ILP internship postings will totally depend upon the alumni. In case of posting outside Mumbai, accommodation and travel expenses will be provided by the alumni.

Rest of the projects would be work-from-home.

What would be the duration of internship?

The workplace internships will last for
6 weeks (28th November - 8th January) while the work-from-home internships may last up to 12 weeks with mutual consent of both student and alumnus.

ILP For Alumni

The Industrial Learning Program, an initiative of Student Alumni Relations Cell, is the sole IIT-B platform for the alumni to directly approach the students for internships. Through ILP, an alumnus can harness the most precious resource of IIT-B, the wisdom and intellectual potential of its students. The alumnus would also have an opportunity to 'give back' to their Alma Mater by letting the students explore industrial problems and benefit from their expertise.

Please contact us to know more about ILP or if you are willing to float a project or just for any suggestion.

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